RO Filter

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Alkaline filter

Antioxidant alkaline antibacterial Filter for Post Treatment of Water Purifier Add Minerals, pH Enha..

Rs.1,300 Ex Tax: Rs.1,300


For RO Water,UV Aquaguard 4 Pcs Threaded Filter Pre Filter PP Cartridge 9"..

Rs.1,200 Ex Tax: Rs.1,200


1 Pcs RO-Threaded water filter catridge- 9” pre filter cartridge compatible for RO/Aquaguard Water F..

Rs.350 Ex Tax: Rs.350

High tech filter

RO Inline Filter Set Hitech Hi-Tech 2 x Carbon Filter + 1 x Sediment Filter + 6 x Elbow Connectors +..

Rs.900 Ex Tax: Rs.900

In line filter

MULTIPROTypeSolidFilter MaterialPolypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE)Micron Rating0.3ApplicationProc..

Rs.650 Ex Tax: Rs.650

mineral filter

RO Mineral Cartridge 10" Complete PH Mineral Filter with Clamps Elbows Teflon Tape Water Purifier Se..

Rs.650 Ex Tax: Rs.650

mineral filter

Q-7 Mineral Cartridge Taste Enhancer Carbon Filter + UF Membrane Ultra Filtration Sediment Filter CO..

Rs.600 Ex Tax: Rs.600

Pre Filter Housing

Micron Rating: 0.5Used For: Commonly Used For Improving Water For Drinking And CookingFiltration Sta..

Rs.1,550 Ex Tax: Rs.1,550

Ro filter grand

Micron Rating: 0.5Used For: Enhance Taster of WaterFiltration Stages: 3Shelf Life: 1 YearBest Suited..

Rs.950 Ex Tax: Rs.950

Ro filter set

Innovation is our forte and we strive to design and develop 1 Year RO Service Kit with Inline set, a..

Rs.1,290 Ex Tax: Rs.1,290

Ro service kit

Micron Rating: 0.5Used For: To enhance taste of waterFiltration Stages: 4Shelf Life: 2 YearBest Suit..

Rs.1,650 Ex Tax: Rs.1,650

spun filte

4 PCS Original Kemflo PP/Spun Filter/Pre-Filter Cartridge For RO/UV Purifier..

Rs.800 Ex Tax: Rs.800

spun filter


Rs.299 Ex Tax: Rs.299

Spun filter

Function Polypropylene filter for removal Sand, Silt, Dirt and rust particles Major series of high e..

Rs.850 Ex Tax: Rs.850

Transparent housing

1 x 10 inch Clear Transparent Glass Housing, 4 x Spun Filter, 1 x Wall mount Clamp or Inbuilt Clamp ..

Rs.1,450 Ex Tax: Rs.1,450