water purifier is designed to work on all type of water sources eg. municipal, bore well, river, lake. All parts used in machine are highly reliable and multi time tested. This water purifier is fitted with 100gpd high quality pump ,sediment and carbon filters, Unique technology is used in Ultra violet choke that if Ultra Violet system fails a red light will glow in machine. Membrane used in machine is Vontron 75GPD with a flow rate of 12-15ltr per hour of pure water. Special designed SMPS Power supply that can be plugged directly to electric socket. Blair filtration features are as follows 10 Spun pre filter removes visible dust rust and mud from water. Sediment filter removes remaining sand and fine particles from water. Activated carbon removes odor, chlorine, enhance taste and polishes water to shine. Reverse osmosis removes extra tds from water. Tds adjuster adjusts tds as required for human consumption. UV chamber ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, parasites and viruses and give us water free from water borne diseases without adding any chemical. UF Ultra filter removes any remaining impurity in water. Mineral Cartridge adds essential minerals in water required to our body.

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